Industrial water chillers are used to cool down process equipment that would otherwise overheat due to its strenuous, heavy-duty work. Industrial water chillers are used for several purposes, including cooling the air conditioning systems, reducing the temperature of the process fluid, and cooling the room temperature. Today, we will be covering the basics of industrial water chillers, how they work, and their main applications.

How Industrial Water Chiller Works

The industrial water chiller aims to provide substantially lower temperatures than the ambient air. The industrial water chiller accomplishes this by taking in the hot fluids and cools it by transferring the heat to a cold water supply and then discharging the warm water into the ambient air. There are three main types of industrial water chillers used to cool down processes: air, water, and ambient air.

Air-Cooled Water Chillers

The air-cooled water chiller is the most common type of industrial water chiller. This type of chiller works by taking in the warm water and heating it up so that it will give off heat to the surrounding air. This works by using the evaporative cooling method. Evaporative cooling takes advantage of the fact that the water that is in a dry state gives up heat. The heat of the water evaporates and transfers through the air to the ambient air. This is how your air conditioner works, except that instead of blowing warm air, it blows cold air.

Water Cooled Chillers

The water-cooled chiller is the second type of industrial water chiller. It works similarly to the air-cooled chiller, though it only uses water as the cooling agent for the process. The device takes in the warm water and uses evaporative cooling to transfer it to the ambient air. The key difference between the air and water chiller is that the air-cooled chiller uses air as the cooling agent while the water-cooled chiller uses water.

Ambient Air Cooled Chillers

The ambient air cooled chiller is very similar to the water-cooled chiller, except that it uses ambient air as its cooling agent instead of water. The ambient air-cooled chiller uses evaporative cooling to transfer the temperature of the air to the air. The ambient air cooled chiller is often used as a cooling mechanism for the air that is used to cool the room.

Its Various Applications

Many industrial applications use industrial water chillers. The three main applications of industrial water chillers are in the air conditioning, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

1. Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is the most common use of the industrial water chiller. The air conditioner takes in the hot air from the process and transfers it to the ambient air by using evaporative cooling. The air conditioner is used for a number of purposes, including cooling the air circulated to the office, cooling the air circulated through the HVAC, and cooling the air circulated in a single room.

2. Food Industry

The food industry is one of the largest industries that use industrial water chillers. Calcium chloride is the main type of water chiller that is used in the food industry, often used in drying, cooling, and brine chillers.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is not the biggest user of industrial water chillers, but the use of the water chiller in this industry is widespread. Pharmaceuticals use calcium chloride as water chillers and cold packs to cool and freeze medicines and cool and freeze the water in pharmaceutical production.


Industrial water chillers are very important for industrial processes. Even though they are not present in every business venture, they are present when it comes to the most critical ones, including the food and pharmaceutical industries. If you happen to have a company that handles such vital methods, feel free to apply industrial chillers as well so that none of your business amenities would overheat and go to waste.

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