Micro Condensing Boiler Hire 150 - 300kw

Condensing boilers, which are gas or oil-powered water heaters, can provide an increased efficiency percentage to your home. The boiler’s operation is based on water vapour condensation. It utilizes a method of extracting additional heat from the fuel. This is possible by using previously untapped heat derived from exhaust gases, which are usually discharged into the atmosphere in a traditional boiler system. Moreover, it may also use this latent heat by turning the water vapour that departs with the exhaust fumes into liquid condensate.

Many homeowners have heard so many myths about condensing boilers that they are discouraged from ever having them installed. However, a great many of these aren’t true! To ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, stay tuned while we debunk some condensing boiler myths.

They’ll Cost a Fortune

Heat exchanger materials that were formerly very costly are now cheaper and more available. That was made possible by recent technological advances in the area of thermodynamics. It significantly lowers the production costs of a condensing boiler.

They’re Only Efficient When Fully Condensing

A modern condensing boiler that operates on gas may achieve an efficiency rate of 92-95 percent—a significant increase from the 85 percent a non-condensing boiler is able to achieve! To be efficient, it does not need to condense at total capacity. The reason for this is that a condensing boiler has an oversized heat exchanger.

They Aren’t Reliable

The original versions indeed used less reliable components as compared to traditional heating systems at the time. However, recent improvements carried out over the last decade have greatly enhanced the quality and durability of the condensing boiler.

They Aren’t Compatible With Other Heating Systems

Modern condensing boilers may replace most outdated boiler systems. Like the case with traditional boiler replacement operations, check on the efficacy of the control system and kind of hot water cylinder when performing a site assessment. That is essential if you desire to capitalize on replacing your boilers.

To guarantee that the newly installed boiler has a high efficiency rate, it’s also important for the old heating system to be cleaned and flushed prior to installation. 

The Condensate Represents a Severe Problem

Only approximately one litre per hour of condensation is generated by advanced condensing boiler systems, with pH values ranging from 3.5 to 5. If a suitable drain pipe is established, there is no need to be concerned. To guarantee appropriate installation, you should always choose an MCS-certified technician.

They’re Hard to Maintain

Condensing boilers are no more challenging to keep than traditional gas or electric boiler systems. The only thing you need to work on is keeping the condensate drained and clean while in operation.

 They Aren’t Widely Available

A growing range of companies can provide a wide variety of conventional and combi condensing boilers. This makes the myth about boiler accessibility entirely untrue.

They Need Larger Radiators

Combining a condensing boiler with larger radiators may provide a marginal advantage of approximately 3% in heating capacity. However, it is impracticable and not as cost-effective as one would anticipate. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about using a condensing boiler with standard-size radiators, mainly because most modern heating systems already have big radiators.

Final Thoughts

Some individuals think condensing boilers are unsuitable for their uses for a variety of reasons. However, this is due to outdated knowledge. Most conventional boiler systems are getting replaced by the new technology available for condensing boilers. Sophisticated, increased firetube condensing boilers have been created and are now available. It is capable of overcoming any difficulties, dispelling these misconceptions, and successfully piping in various systems.

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