Chiller hire is a great way to keep your business cool during the summer months. However, it’s important to keep your chiller in good working order to avoid any problems. Here are seven tips to help you maintain your chiller and keep it running smoothly all season long:

1. Check the Coolant Levels Regularly 

It’s important to check the coolant levels in your chiller regularly to ensure it’s running efficiently. The coolant should be at the correct level to keep the chiller performing optimally. If the levels are too low, it could lead to decreased cooling performance and even system failure. Make sure to check the coolant levels regularly and top up as necessary.

2. Keep the Condenser Coils Clean 

The condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat from the chiller system. If the coils are dirty or clogged, the chiller will not be able to perform as efficiently. Therefore, it’s important to keep the condenser coils clean by regularly removing any dust and debris. This will help to maintain the chiller’s performance and ensure it runs smoothly all season long.

3. Inspect the Chiller for Any Leaks 

Leaking chillers can be dangerous and can lead to costly repairs. To prevent any leaks, inspect the chiller for any signs of wetness or condensation. If you find any, check the connections and seals for any loose parts or damage. Make sure all hoses and connections are securely fastened and that there are no signs of cracks or wear. If you find any, replace the parts immediately.

4. Check the Pressure Gauge Regularly 

The pressure gauge is an important part of the chiller and should be checked regularly. Make sure the pressure is within the manufacturer’s recommended range. If it is too low, the chiller may not be able to cool the room properly. If the pressure is too high, it can put strain on the chiller and can lead to damage. If the pressure is outside the recommended range, contact a qualified technician to help adjust it.

5. Keep the Chiller Room Clean and Free of Debris 

A clean and debris-free chiller room is essential for the proper functioning of the chiller. Make sure to regularly clean the room and remove any dust, dirt, or other debris. Also, check for any signs of pests or rodents and take steps to remove them. This will keep the chiller free from any potential blockages and help it run smoothly.

6. Inspect the Chiller for Any Loose Parts 

Loose parts can cause the chiller to malfunction. Therefore, it is important to inspect the chiller for any loose parts or signs of wear. Make sure all hoses and connections are securely fastened, and that there are no signs of cracks or corrosion. If you find any, replace the parts immediately to avoid any further damage.

7. Have a Qualified Technician Service the Chiller Regularly

It’s important to have a qualified technician service your chiller regularly. This will help to ensure that all the components of the chiller are functioning properly and will help extend the life of your machine. Have the technician inspect the refrigerant levels, check for any leaks, and make sure the fans and other components are in good working order.


It is important to take proper care of your chiller during the off-season to ensure it is in good working condition when you need it again. Some important maintenance tips include: draining and flushing the system, checking and cleaning the condenser coils, and inspecting the overall unit for any damage or leaks. By following these tips, you can help prolong the life of your chiller and avoid costly repairs down the road.

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