Commercial spaces use chiller units to cool various things like machines, office spaces, and the like, the biggest benefits from this being the unit’s cost and energy efficiency. However, much like other HVAC solutions out there, you can find various types of chillers in the market that you can use for your business.

So, how do you pick the right type of chiller for your commercial needs? By understanding the various chiller unit types and what they can offer:

1. Air-Cooled Chillers

This is the most common type of chiller unit used for commercial spaces, though this type of chiller is built for larger commercial spaces. One of the biggest benefits that air-cooled chillers offer is their relative simplicity and stability. This also allows for an easy install in commercial spaces—install the chiller unit in the desired space, and you’re good to go.

Air-cooled chillers also provide an excellent option for businesses that don’t need a huge amount of cooling. On top of that, these units are generally more energy-efficient, making them a great option for the business.

2. Water-Cooled Chillers

For businesses that need a larger cooling power, water-cooled chillers offer a much bigger cooling capacity at a much higher cost. These types of chillers are known for their high energy efficiency, so this is an excellent option for businesses with a higher cooling requirement, and they’re also very easy to install.

However, one of the downsides is that these types of chillers are often not as easy to maintain. On top of that, the maintenance is quite costly, as you’ll have to pay a certain amount every time you want to repair the unit.

3. Reciprocating Chillers

This is a more older-school type of chiller unit, with these units able to offer higher capacity cooling in smaller spaces. Reciprocating chillers work by pumping a gas that’s not as cold as the refrigerant used by modern chillers to power a compressor, which then produces cold air.

Proper maintenance of this kind of chiller unit is absolutely essential, as the system is more complex than the other chiller types. However, since these units are known for their impressive cooling power, if you’re looking for something that’s space-saving, this might be the perfect choice for you.

4. Screw Chillers

So, what’s so special about screw chillers? These chillers work by using a hollow, rotating screw to pump the refrigerant through a tube and create cold air. Screw chillers are known for their efficiency and small size, making them an excellent option for businesses that need a small-sized and high-energy efficient cooling unit.

However, these units aren’t as common as the other chiller units mentioned above, so they might be harder to maintain. On top of that, screw chillers often have a rather limited capacity, making this type of chiller unit harder to use.

5. Heat Pump Chillers

This is a newer type of chiller unit that’s gaining popularity, especially due to its low energy usage, which makes it an excellent option for businesses looking for higher energy efficiency. These chillers also work by using a heat pump, which can cool the refrigerant using heat from the outdoor air, making it even more efficient.

The main downside to heat pump chillers is their limited cooling capacity, making it a bit harder for businesses that need big cooling power.


Picking the right chiller unit for your business comes down to understanding your business’s needs, your goals for the business, and your budget for the cooling unit. So, with that in mind, understand how these chillers are different and see what options you have available in your vicinity. This can help you identify and invest in the right chiller units to meet your commercial cooling needs.

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