Backup generators can help your business during energy emergencies that could hinder your operations. However, they are also complicated pieces of equipment that require in-house technicians to operate it. It is an issue for companies that can’t afford the increased costs in their payroll. By renting generators, you’ll reduce the worry of paying for the upkeep of having one in-house. With a wide variety of models to choose from, you can select the right generator to handle your business’s energy needs.

Is it better to rent or buy a generator?

Many business owners tend to ask themselves if they’ll need to have a backup energy source for their business needs. Although they’re smart to think in advance, they often overestimate the pros and cons of owning a generator over renting one.

In this article, we will share five reasons you should rent a generator for your business:

1. Saves you from expensive logistic costs

Renting is much cheaper compared to buying one for a variety of reasons. If you’re a growing business, you may want to rent one to cover for emergency energy needs and prevent any downtime. Although it may seem like a better idea to prepare for it in advance by buying a unit, your business’s energy needs may scale up, making your purchase a wasteful investment.

Businesses can also save money in transportation, maintenance, and installation of generators for short-term events. Renting prevents them from shouldering the various logistical expenses of keeping one, such as storage and repairs.

2. Offers on-site technicians

When you rent a generator, you also have access to factory-trained technicians. On-site support allows you to anticipate and handle problems that may occur, so having trained technicians to install your unit will save you from worrying about that at all.

3. Provides flexibility on energy output

With generator rentals, you can adjust your budget based on your energy needs. You can choose from a selection of generators to give you the specific output and rating in running your appliances, depending on your expected usage. Renting allows you to budget accordingly for different types of events and activities, from emergencies to seasonal events.

4. Allows you to test beforehand

Generator rentals offer trial periods to gauge the specificity of the energy needs. You can check the product before you rent so that you can estimate how much load and power you’ll need for your business.

5. Protects your operations with warranty and insurance

A crucial part of using heavy-duty equipment is ensuring that it has insurance and warranty to cover for repairs and damages. By renting a generator, you won’t have to worry about the state and quality of performance on the unit you’ll rent. Generator rental companies usually come with a renter’s insurance to protect your operations during an accident while ensuring that factory-certified technicians can quickly replace and repair damaged equipment.


As a business owner, you need to ensure that you make decisions that can impact your company’s growth in the long term. Logistical expenses, such as maintaining your generator, can put a dent on your financials, especially if it’s not in use regularly. You should consider partnering with rental companies to provide your business with the safety net that you need.

When it comes to handling emergencies or short-term events, you need to receive fast and efficient solutions for your energy needs. We provide generator and boiler rental in London for different types of clientele. Get in touch with us and receive a free estimate today!