A boiler in your commercial property provides hot water for your appliances and keeps everyone in your establishment warm and comfortable. Now that winter is fast approaching, it can reach freezing or close to freezing temperatures that can cause costly delays or, worse, critical damage. 

To prevent this, make sure that your commercial boiler is prepared for any kind of problems. Here are some tips for keeping it in good condition this winter:

1. Drain your boiler when not in use

Drain your boiler to ensure that it runs constantly through the winter months, reducing the risk of freezing static water. Don’t forget to warm the water up slowly when restarting if you need to shut it down. Water can expand unevenly and cause damage to a pipe, so increase the pressure slowly so that the metal and joints will heat up evenly.

2. Check if your fuel flows properly

Permanent damage to the pump is usually caused by uninsulated and unheated fuel oil lines. Therefore, make sure that your fuel flows properly and prevent its viscosity from getting too high for your fuel pump.  Aside from fuel flow, it’s important to look out for your boiler’s combustion air temperature and water levels.

If you’re using standard #2 fuel oil, remember that it starts to gel at 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider switching to a winter fuel mix or a 50-50 mix with kerosene when using this type of oil. 

3. Insulate or heat your water pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause your water pipes to freeze, resulting in costly repairs and even a pipe burst that can flood your commercial property. Prevent this by making sure that all your water lines are properly insulated. Heat them also to always keep them above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Have your boiler inspected and serviced before winter

Your boiler can get faulty over time, and this can halt important operations in your commercial establishment. Make sure that your equipment is in tip-top condition and able to run at peak performance at all times by reaching out to professionals. 

Get your commercial boiler thoroughly inspected and serviced before winter. This way, you can reduce the risk of critical failure and other common winter boiler problems. 

How Should I Deal with Winter Boiler Problems?

Having an in-house boiler operator with technical knowledge in handling winter boiler problems can help you ensure that you reduce your risk of its damage and failure and increase its efficiency. But when you have boiler freezing issues and it must be replaced right away, it’s best to look for a commercial boiler rental. 

You can count on us for a top-notch boiler rental service in London. We offer a high-quality fleet of boiler chillers and heaters as well as portable air conditioners, generators, and ancillaries to meet your needs.


This winter, your commercial boiler needs to be fully operational and increases its fuel consumption, so make sure that it is running at its peak performance. Avoid costly repairs and delays by following the tips listed above and don’t hesitate to look for a boiler rental right away in case your boiler gets damaged.

If you need reliable HVAC specialists, hire us. We offer boiler rental in London and other areas in the UK. Contact us to get a quote!