The last thing you want to happen when installing a boiler is to hire and pay the wrong contractor, especially when it is an emergency. Even if that boiler installation company is highly recommended online or by your co-workers, you still need to be cautious before giving them your trust. Doing these crucial steps may take more of your time, but it can help you find the right people to work with. Here are the things you should do before you hire a boiler installation contractor.

Step #1: Search in the right place

Start by looking for the right people in the right place. The internet is the fastest way to find tradespeople and companies. By using the right keywords and inserting your location, you can easily find service provider recommendations. However, make sure that you only shortlist companies or individuals from trustworthy sites. Online directories, like and, can provide you with the most popular results. 

If you can, consider checking the provider’s website before you include them in your shortlist. Look for more information about their company and experiences, as this will help you with the decision-making.

Step #2: Do a quick background search

You need to learn more about your prospects before you contact and hire them for their services. The most important thing you should look for when you find their business page is customer feedback. Most sites have a review section where they display the public’s assessment of their service. A simple search on Google will also help you see these comments and reactions quickly, but remember to focus on the reviews about the service you need. 

If what you see does not satisfy you, you can always ask the contractors to give you client references so you can directly ask these people for their first-hand experience.

Step #3: Check whether they have insurance and accreditation

Most people forget about this step, but it is just as important as the other steps. Insurance can give you the peace of mind you need as the work progresses. 

You know that you are dealing with a professional service provider if they offer you insurance. It is a prerequisite for companies that work on private properties. Having a gas-safe registration or being a manufacturer-accredited installer is also a big plus. That means your contractor follows all gas regulations when they provide their service. 

Choosing contractors who do not provide these will only cause you bigger problems when accidents or damage occur. 

Step #4: Check whether they can meet your schedule

Another important thing you should consider is their ability to fulfil their service in your given timeframe. What good is an excellent service provider if their schedule is fully packed and cannot serve you when you need them? Ask whether they can perform the job and make sure to keep your communications and transactions well-documented. That should include the terms and conditions and the final costing.


To make sure that you put your money into the right people and service, going through these four steps will help you make a sound assessment. Seeing feedback from actual clients and gathering recommendations from friends and family can also help. Always take the time to pause and contemplate before you make a decision. Adding a few more steps to double-check your decision will always benefit you in the end.

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