There are many arguments in favour of upgrading an older boiler for a new one. After all, roughly half of your energy bill is down to your boiler. Estimates say that you could save roughly £300 in annual savings if you upgrade from a G-rated boiler with a new, A-rated gas boiler in your detached house. 

However, it’s worthwhile to note that any savings you may get can easily be compensated by the cost of installation. Chances are that you should hold off any plans to upgrade your boiler and subject it to regular maintenance instead. 

In the sections below, we will share four simple ways you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your boiler:

Get an annual inspection for your boiler

While modern boilers are typically very hardy, it’s always good to spot issues as early as possible. This is to ensure that there are no hidden issues that could unexpectedly appear in the worst possible moment, such as in the middle of winter. An annual inspection will be able to spot leaking pipes of worn-out parts. Although it’s very rare for modern boilers to fail, bear in mind that these machines operate at very high pressures, and it’s best to keep it free from buildup of combustible materials and corroded parts. 

Seal any air leaks 

While your boiler is primarily responsible for generating heat, having inefficient insulation in your building can force it to work harder. Aside from doing maintenance on your boiler, you should also be looking for and sealing off any air leaks. One telltale sign of air leaks is if you can still feel drafts of air from your air vents, doors, and windows, even if they are closed. 

Check your water pipes 

Your water pipes need to be in tip-top shape if it is to transport steam and hot air to your building. Without working pipes, there will not be enough air pressure, and your boiler will not be able to do its work efficiently. Additionally, leaking pipes can lead to water damage, which could result in costly repairs. 

Address any issues with your boiler immediately

You’ve already paid for an inspection, so you should also pay for the repairs immediately to allow the boiler to work efficiently as soon as possible. This is because the longer that your boiler repair is delayed, the longer that it will have to compensate for the heat loss caused by leaking ducts and other issues. As a result, you will be greeted with a surge in your electric bill and your water bill since you must also keep replacing the water that is lost. 

Aside from energy-efficiency concerns, addressing any issues with the boiler immediately will also ensure that the problems present in your boiler are not going to escalate. 


When working properly, boilers are very efficient. It can be tempting to upgrade, given that many new boilers can be at least 95 per cent more efficient than their older counterparts. However, you should only consider swapping out for a new one if your current boiler is older than ten years. If not, then anything you can save might just be eaten by the installation costs.

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