Many industrial facilities and companies heavily rely on the use of industrial boilers for continuous business operations. Industrial boilers consist of closed vessels utilizing a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam. They are used in various industrial heating and humidification applications. When it comes to investing in an industrial boiler, most people choose the bigger option, being under the assumption that the bigger it is, the better. However, this isn’t always true. 

When looking for a boiler, you have to consider its overall efficiency. Efficient industrial boilers can help you save from extended downtime and money for the operational and maintenance costs. What’s good about modern boilers is that they combine various components and parts into one system, providing more power at lower costs. That said, here are four vital components to look for when investing in a modern industrial boiler for your company.

1. Firetube boiler

There’s a wide range of industrial boilers that are out in the market. If you want to invest in the most efficient type, choose the firetube boiler. Firetube boilers make use of high-quality tubes. They allow for a larger surface area for heating per boiler. For this reason, more heat transfer occurs with this boiler type. If there’s one thing, you can certainly rely on its overall efficiency.

2. Boiler passes

As part of the components, boiler passes employ the use of hot gas to transfer heat into the water. This is a major feature of modern boilers, as it allows more opportunities for heat to transfer. After all, the more warmth is able to pass, the more efficient the boiler will be. It’s logical, then, that four-pass boilers are more efficient compared to two-pass or even three-pass systems, regardless of the design features they have. Therefore, be sure to consider the number of boiler passes in your system.

3. Burners

The key to the entire boiler machine is the burner that initiates combustion within. This vital component essentially ignites the fuel to create heat that is transferred through the entire system. What’s good about new, modern industrial boilers is that they have a burner that is designed to fit and work within the unit. As a result, they have a rather smooth performance and great efficiency. That said, make sure to choose the right burner package for your industrial boiler.

4. Components with good heat surface

Industrial boilers with good heat surfaces shouldn’t be ignored. Know that efficient boilers are those with smaller heat surfaces, yet generate the same power and heat as larger models. What’s good about today’s modern industrial boilers is that they are compact. They are designed with the placement of passes and feedwater in mind. For this reason, the smaller the unit, the less the water has to travel. This makes the boiler all the more efficient!

The industrial boiler you’ve invested in should be working efficiently and yielding optimal results. Know that each of its parts and components plays a crucial role. If one isn’t working properly, your industrial boiler can be lacking in efficiency and cost you money. 

For this reason, consider the four components outlined above. Before you make your purchase, consider a firetube boiler; check the number of passes and burners, and look for a boiler with good heat surface. If you are concerned your industrial boiler isn’t operating at peak efficiency, get in touch with our commercial boiler hire services in London today! We’re happy to help.