A boiler plays a significant role in commercial properties. For some, it provides heating to keep the internal environment of a building comfortable, while it provides others with hot water for appliances and installations to facilitate specific tasks. Unfortunately, boilers do not last forever. Sometimes, it can unexpectedly break down, halting the operations in which it had a role to play. For this reason, if you have boilers in your commercial property, you must maintain it properly. Doing so will not only allow it to run for much longer without running into problems but also maintain its efficiency to save money on electrical or gas bills. 

In this article, we will share three practical tips on how you can maintain your commercial boiler:

1. Optimise for efficiency

There are many ways you can optimise your boiler for peak efficiency, some of which will work for specific setups while not so for others.

Nevertheless, the first step in optimising the fixture for efficiency is to buy the right boilers in the first place. This can mean ensuring that it is just the right size, not too big or small, for your commercial property. With that, you do not end up wasting too much energy or have too little heated water in the facility to work with when using the boiler. 

2. Maintain the water level

Keep in mind that not maintaining an adequate water level can cause some severe problems over time. For example, it can cause the boiler to produce too much steam or even start melting down. Fortunately for you, checking the water level is not a tedious task.

To check your boilers for water level, look for a gauge that reads out the water level. If it is in the middle of the indicator, that means there is enough water. Otherwise, if it dips too high or too low on the gauge, you will need to contact a boiler engineer to have the issue fixed right away. Leaving it to continue getting worse will only lead to the problems we stated earlier.

3. Reignite the pilot light 

Sometimes, the pilot light of your boilers will go out, and there are many causes for this. For some, it might be a hole somewhere that allows air to blow out the pilot light. For others, it might be a reduction in gas supply that prevents the pilot light’s ignition. 

Nevertheless, the first step you must take when you discover that the pilot light has gone out is to check for gas leaks. This is because lighting the pilot light back with a leak will result in a fatal accident. If you are sure there are no leaks, then try to do so. If this fails, the chances are that there is no gas. For this case, you must contact the gas supplier to ask why you are not getting gas.


By carrying out the three tasks mentioned above, you are doing your part in maintaining your commercial boilers to ensure that they continue performing optimally to supply you with the hot water you need. That said, the most effective way to maintain your boiler is to hire a boiler engineer to run frequent maintenance activities on it. While it is an investment to make, it will save lots more money in the long run over not paying for repair costs that can quickly go up to ludicrous amounts.

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