Commercial steam boilers are important in many industries. Their low-pressure system is used for comfort heating and industrial applications, which either burn fuel or use electricity in heating water to turn it into steam. The steam then moves through the pipes to provide heat throughout the building. As they serve to heat the entire building, you want to make sure that your commercial steam boilers are working efficiently. 

There are several ways to ensure the efficiency of your commercial steam boiler:

1. Have a daily inspection checklist

Daily inspection of your commercial steam boiler is imperative. It’s best to have a checklist of what needs to be examined daily in your commercial steam. This helps in ensuring that it is maintained well and remains highly efficient. Make sure to check for the following:

  • Possible water leaks
  • Obstruction materials
  • Correct temperature and pressure readings
  • Error or service codes
  • Debris in vent termination
  • Blockages in combustion air openings
  • Unusual noises or vibrations

2. Set regular system maintenance

Apart from the daily inspection, it helps to have a regular maintenance system set in place, which can be done by professionals. The goal is to ensure that the system works at the highest level of efficiency and while maintaining the safety of the surrounding people. Make sure to contact a reliable HVAC professional for a consistent preventive maintenance plan. This preventive maintenance plan should include the following:

  • Regular Cleaning: Have an HVAC professional clean your boiler tubes at least once a year.
  • Boiler Blowdown: Check for scale build-up, as these can affect heat transfer and reduce efficiency.
  • Water Quality: Regularly check and test the water inside your boiler, as the water quality affects the continued operation of your boiler significantly.
  • Insulation: Insulation helps steam boilers work efficiently. Condensed pipings, fittings, or valves can reduce such efficiency.
  • Accurate Inspection Logs: Consistent log-keeping helps to know which boilers have been inspected.

3. Ensure water quality

Water quality plays a vital role in the boiler’s overall performance. As your boiler turns water into steam, it should contain water that is clear of oil and other impurities. Therefore, a clean steam boiler will be able to maintain its efficiency. Make sure to check the following two problems caused by dirty water:

  • Wet Steam: If water drips from the top of the glass gauge, the boiler is producing wet steam. This will cause the burner to run longer because this type of steam does not heat as well.
  • Short cycling: Examine the gauge for indications of a dirty boiler. Look for water rapidly bouncing around behind the glass, as that is an indication that your water contains oil.

That said, have your water tested by professionals to mitigate water issues in your steam boiler. A full water treatment system may be required to ensure the quality of the water in your boiler.

Regular maintenance of the commercial steam boiler is essential. Follow the top tips mentioned above to ensure that your boiler continues to perform with high efficiency. It’s best to work with a professional HVAC company to conduct consistent preventive maintenance for your boiler.

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