When someone says something is broken, many assume that the broken item is no longer usable—that it should be thrown away and replaced. However, this is untrue. Sometimes, broken can simply mean that the machine requires repairs or servicing to restore operations. Such is the case with boilers. When a boiler does not perform as expected, it may just need some attention to bring it back to working order.

That being said, there are many ways your commercial boiler can break. For instance, it can start leaking or stop heating water entirely. Regardless, here are the signs that your boiler has failed and needs fixing immediately:

1. Something smells

While many things can cause a smell, you will automatically know if something smells off. For example, you may smell something like burning plastic near your boiler, or even burning oil. Whatever that smell may be, the likely cause of it is the radiator. The radiator is responsible for heating rooms. It does this by carrying steam into its pipes, radiating the heat from the steam into the rooms. The radiator is meant to be hot, but it can overheat. It can melt nearby objects or even set them on fire.

One dangerous smell that you should watch out for is rotten eggs. It is not actually rotten eggs, but the smell of mercaptan. This is a harmless gas that smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. If you smell this near your boilers, there is a chance the boiler is leaking gas.

2. Heating takes long

Your boiler will take time to raise the temperature in your room. However, this delay can get longer. Unaddressed, you may find yourself in cold rooms even with the radiator turned up. 

If this is what you are experiencing with your boilers, it needs servicing. There is a long list of things that can cause heating delays, so you must call a boiler service expert right away to fix it. Delaying the call will only make you pay for energy that creates little to no heat. In other words, you would be throwing money out the window.

3. There are weird sounds

If you have had your boiler for a while, you should be familiar with how the boiler sounds in operation. Knowing the sounds of a working boiler will allow you to pick up any weird noises. For instance, you may start hearing sounds like a boiling kettle.

Regardless of what sound you hear, anything out of the ordinary means something is wrong. This also means you need to call a boiler service expert to check on the machine and ensure any issues found do not worsen. 


All of the above are signs something is wrong with your boiler. Ultimately, you will need to call a boiler service regardless of the symptoms. Your boiler is broken, and chances are, you will not be able to fix it by yourself. Even if you can, having an expert do the job means the fix will be much more thorough. 

Best of all, you would be able to focus on your other activities while the technician services the boiler as quickly and effectively as possible, restoring operations to your business.

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