Running a business and ensuring smooth day-to-day operation involves a huge amount of money. To reduce your operating costs, prioritise increasing your boiler’s efficiency by checking the way you performed boiler maintenance.

The boiler draws in cool air, heats it, and sends it out the stack. It stays efficient when it produces the smallest possible amount of flue gas at the lowest possible temperature and leaves less energy with the flue gas. 

On the other hand, anywhere you are losing heat, steam, or hot or condensate water means you are losing valuable British Thermal Units (BTUs). To help you cut down your costs and save more money to manage your business effectively, here are some tips for boosting your boiler’s efficiency:

  • Tune the burner regularly

The right amount of air is crucial for your boiler’s efficiency as it enables a certain amount of oxygen for proper combustion of fuel inside the boiler. If it lacks air, the carbon in the fuel will oxidise and produce carbon monoxide. 

Low air causes less heat to release because the fuel isn’t completely burned. It ends up lowering fuel use efficiency and generates smoke, soot, and carbon monoxide, which can pose safety threats to your employees and target audience. On the other hand, too much air also reduces your boiler’s efficiency because it sends out the stack hot and wastes the heat. 

To make sure that you have just enough air for your fuel to burn safely, measure the amount of air needed with an oxygen probe. Consult with boiler service professionals to have the probe inserted into your stack and tune the burner. This way, you can attain optimum boiler efficiency and maximise your savings.

  • Clean the fireside

Soot may accumulate on your boiler tubes’ fireside over time, and each soot layer it can become an insulator. As a result, the heat transfer rate drops while the fuel consumption increases. 

Lower transfer rate means the hot gases pass through without transferring the heat to the water. As a result, you increase your slack temperature and result in an inefficient boiler. 

As such, boost your boiler’s efficiency by having your boiler tubes cleaned and inspected. These tasks must be part of your regular maintenance checks to manage soot production and your boiler’s fireside. 

Meanwhile, you can always seek top-notch boiler rental in London in case you encounter a problem that needs to be addressed right away. 

  • Preheat combustion air

Introducing a warmer air to your burner means you use less fuel to make the same amount of steam in your boiler. In fact, you can save at least one per cent of your fuel bill if you increase the fresh air temperature by 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, by heating incoming combustion air with the flame, you can save a significant amount of money, especially if your business uses large boilers around the clock.


Whether you run a food and beverage business, university, hospital, or healthcare facility, having a boiler that works optimally at all times is crucial for your operation. Make sure to remember all the helpful tips for boosting your boiler’s efficiency to help you save money on your monthly bills. In case you had a boiler breakdown, you can always seek boiler rental from a reliable company like ours to ensure that your daily operation runs as smoothly as possible. 

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