boiler temp gauge

Your commercial boiler is one of those things that you might not think about until it stops working as it should. After all, who would need to think about their boilers when they’re getting hot water and heating in their home is working all the time? Most likely, you have never thought of getting temporary boilers as a backup until now that you’re experiencing some problems.

Even when you hire a boiler, it’s still important that the problem with your boiler be fixed. One of the most common problems with boilers has to do with the burners. Here are some of those common burner issues and some simple fixes you can do:

Boiler Ignition Problem

A commercial boiler’s burner might not ignite for different reasons. For one, there may be a mains gas supply problem. You may try testing if this is the problem by checking other gas appliances. If they also don’t ignite, the issue may be with the mains supply, and you need to contact your gas provider right away.

A tripped electrical fuse may also cause the problem. Because boilers require a small amount of electricity to run, a tripped fuse could be the reason your appliance is not running. You might want to see if the power supply is working correctly or try reprogramming your appliance and see if that fixes the problem.

The boiler’s gas valves may also be the reason for the malfunction. Keep in mind that the valves control how much gas flows into your appliance, so if one is blocked or damaged, gas may not be able to enter the chamber, and your boiler might not ignite. Because you can’t check the valves yourself, you must call an HVAC specialist to do it for you.

Ignition Lockout

Appliances have a boiler lockout feature. It means that if they detect a fault, the boiler will stop working to prevent further damage. If you see an error code on the display, it means the boiler did this, and the lockout feature is on. What you need to do is identify the cause, which could be due to low pressure, system blockages, and ignition failure. After you determine the cause of the problem, only then will you be able to fix it or call a technician to solve the problem for you. After the problem is solved, you can simply reset the button to start the boiler again.

Delayed Ignition

When the gas in your boiler doesn’t immediately ignite, it is called delayed ignition. It can be dangerous because there’s a possibility of it building up to a point where it can explode, which is obviously something that needs to be addressed at once.

This problem can be caused by different factors, including a weak pilot light, low gas supply pressure, and too much primary air. If you believe the boiler has delayed ignition, you better call an HVAC expert to look at the problem. In the meantime, you should also consider boiler rentals while yours is still getting repaired. 

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At this point, you now know that flame failures can damage your commercial boiler, and it can disrupt your operations. You can avoid this by having regular maintenance done. When you do this, HVAC professionals can detect any potential issue and address them before they cause a problem. If you fear that maintenance work or repairs would mean days or even weeks of not having a boiler, then remember that you can always hire temporary boilers so that your operations can proceed as usual!

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