11 – 22kw Electric Boiler


London Climate Hire was built by commercial boiler engineers to provide low cost, yet reliable equipment. We have designed and built each of our temporary boilers with no frills, just high efficiency and versatility in mind.

A fully portable 22kW boiler that can be used for drying concrete flooring, testing underfloor heating and providing hot water and central heating. The fully programmable digital control allows output to be tailored to suit the application and a number of electrical sockets allow it to be used on a variety of electrical supplies.  Comes complete with pump, trolley and safety features including expansion tank, high pressure cut out and over temperature cutout.

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Boiler Specification

  • Duty (kW)11 - 22kw

  • Operating Range 20°C to 80°C

  • Dimensions (W x L x H)1100x440x420

  • Power Supply (Volt / Amps)400v 50hz

  • Plug Type32Amp Red Commando plug


  • Residential Properties
  • Screed Drying
  • Under Floor Heating